Get Involved

Get Involved

Our school is a better place due to the wonderful volunteers who give so generously of their time and
‘Make a Difference’!


Sir Eric Woodward School provides quality educational programs for students with disabilities that receive their education through the delivery mode of face-to-face and through distance education. The school invites members of the community to volunteer in a variety of roles to ‘make a difference’ to our school and to the education of the students enrolled here. Volunteers receive an orientation of the school and the role they will work in and are welcomed as an integral part of the team who support the students, the families and the school as a whole. Large companies and small community groups visit the school throughout the year offering a ‘day of difference’ and participate in classroom programs and outdoor garden or maitenance work. These groups are valued and are very welcome to the SEWS community.

Working with children checks apply to volunteer roles.

If you are interested in finding out more about volunteering at Sir Eric Woodward School please contact the School Principal JoAnne Gardiner.

Phone            9449 6003

All donations are tax deductable through SEWS Association. Please contact the school for details.

Volunteering Roles at Sir Eric Woodward School

  1.  Classroom assistant – assist teachers to implement education and therapy programs in the classroom. The role could involve reading stories, assisting students to walk in their walking frames, working alongside students across key learning areas and or assisting with the preparation of class program resources. shelves.
  2. Hydrotherapy assistant – the role involves accompanying students in the warm waters of the hydrotherapy pool with a trained staff member. Volunteers assist staff to support students in the water and implement their physical education programs.
  3. Gardening volunteer – the role involves regular tending of the school’s garden – weeding, pruning, planting and fertilising. All gardening tools and plants are provided.
  4. Community access volunteer – the role involves accompanying students in the community accompanied by trained staff. All students require assistance with their mobility therefore, volunteers need to be capable of pushing a student in a wheelchair or assisting a student using a walking frame.
  5. Sewing assistant – the role involves mending and making simple items for use in the classroom – clothes protectors, straps, small curtains, dress up costumes etc.  All materials are provided.
  6. Distance Education and Library assistant- this is an administration role which involves precision contacting of folders; tidying library, audio-visual and art/craft shelves; shredding; stamping envelopes; scanning student work samples; updating iPads and syncing apps; putting together resources for  simple art/craft activities/ideas.
  7. Music therapy assistant- the role involves working with staff and a trained music therapist to provide best possible access for students in this music based program.
  8. Library assistant- is an administration role which involves precision contacting of folders; tidying library, audio-visual and art/craft shelves.
  9. Make a Differerence Days- Volunteers from companies and organisations work on school grounds and in the classrooms throughout the year to support our great school.