Face to Face K-12

Face to Face K-12

The SEWS Face to Face enrols students in kindergarten to year 12 who present with moderate to severe intellectual disabilities, physical disabilities and some with complex medical conditions. The students are on personalised programs and teachers are highly trained in a multi-sensory approach to education. Communication is paramount each students successful learning. Every student in the Face to Face K-12 has personalised communication goals embeded throughout their curriculum.

Students continue to work within the NSW Board of Studies, Teaching Education Standards (BOSTES) syllabuses which are adjusted to cater to their personalised learning needs. Students access a wide variety of school based therapies which support their educational goals.

All students attend regular programs relating to their stage of enrolment including commuity access, excursions, incursions, assemblies, library, whole class educational programs and themed based units of work.

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