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Sir Eric Woodward offers a quality learning environment for students with high support needs and autism. Located at St Ives, the school is well resourced with excellent facilities and resources to support individual student needs. The school offers a number of specialised programmes with regular sessions in our Multisensory Learning Environment and Hydrotherapy Pool. Students also enjoy weekly sessions with our music therapist. The school is dynamic in supporting a modified curriculum catering to the individual educational needs of each student.

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“Empowering Communities to Support Student Learning”


ESESECSSL is an Every Student Every School (ESES) reform resource which was funded as a National Partnership project. This resource provides information which supports the successful learning of students with additional needs.

Communication underpins all educational programs and is paramount to successful learning. Knowing a student’s level of communication informs the selection and implementation of explicit and effective teaching strategies. This is important for all students, but especially for students with identified additional learning needs.

ECSSL provides information and modelling of a range of research-based teaching strategies that can be used to ensure successful learning for students with additional learning needs. SEWS intends the resource, presented as a double DVD pack, will advise teachers, support staff and parents/carers. The DVD data disc contains printable materials including a resource booklet which gives detailed information on teaching fundamentals and 5 basic practices for teaching students with additional support needs, our communication hierarchy and 12 teaching strategies linked to the relevant communication levels on a matrix. It also provides guidesheets with detailed information on each of the selected teaching strategies. The DVD video disc contains clips modelling the 5 basic practices and a selection of explicit teaching strategies linked to the student’s assessed communication levels.

SEWS would like to thank the students and staff for their professional contribution in making this resource and our academic partners for their expertise and Ann Roberts retired principal as our ESES coordinator.