Sir Eric Woodward School (SEWS) offers a quality learning environment for students with learning and support needs across two delivery modes, Face to Face (F2F) and Distance Education (DE). The school is well resourced to support individual student needs. SEWS offers a number of specialised programes including integrated services of a physiotherapist, occupational therapist and speech pathologist for all student enrolled. The school is dynamic in supporting all students with a holistic approach, through modifying the curriculum to support rich authentic learning opportunities.


A Way Forward: support for HSIE curriculum for students with special education needs

A Way ForwardThese frameworks have been produced by experienced special educators from Sir Eric Woodward School as part of the National Partnerships program. This project will support teachers to make adjustments to the history and geography curriculum, and to plan, program and assess students with additional and diverse complex needs from K to 12. The priority of this project is to provide practical teaching strategies to support the learning of these students in these Key Learning Areas (KLAs).

Students with moderate to severe intellectual disabilities who have limited or no verbal communication engage with learning through sensory and concrete experiences. It is necessary to plan relevant adjustments and other support to provide a relevant and meaningful program of study that reflects the needs, interests and abilities of each student.

Each framework provides suggested activities, language to be taught and resources for outcomes at Early Stage 1, 7-10 Life Skills and Stage 6 Life Skills. The receptive and expressive language abilities of a student impacts on their learning and engagement in a Key Learning Area that is inquiry based such as history and geography. Therefore, the suggested activities have been divided into four levels reflection the communication level of the student: Pre-intentional, Intentional, Concrete Symbolic, and Abstract and Verbal Symbolic.

Communication levels used in A Way Forward

Help given by staff at Holroyd, Mary Brooksbank, Chalmers Road and George Bass schools whose Every Student Teaching and Learning Support Documents were the inspiration for the layout of this project.